Field of Expertise

Domains of actions

  • Hydrology (statistics, modeling)
  • Urban hydraulics (sewer systems, pollution)
  • River hydraulics (1D and 2D modeling)
  • Flood risk management – Crisis management
  • Flood forecasting and warning systems (conception of real-time complete system; instrumentation, transmission, data treatment and analysis)
  • Work hydraulics conception
  • Hydro-electricity
  • Water resources management

Types of missions

  • Procurement and private contracts
  • Mastery of work
  • Assistance to mastery of work
  • Complex projects management
  • Team management
  • Technical and financial programming
  • Research and development
  • Scientific papers writing
  • Participation at national and international conferences

Member of experts’ networks: Eurydice, AFPCN, SHF, GRAIE, AIPCR, IWRA